Beer Pro Distribution is a Slovenian company with a reference for brewing specialities of exceptional quality. It’s a young, innovative company, specializing in the import, sales and distribution of quality beers from Germany, Ireland, Belgium, the USA, the Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands and Austria.

Straight after its foundation in 2011, Beer Pro began focusing on the distribution of specialized beers all over the Slovenian market. Our main competitive advantages right from the beginning have been: the recognition of market changes, innovativeness, and understanding of our customer’s needs. We started as the first Slovenian distributer to offer specialised beers, which means that in addition to selling we are also spreading and making people aware of the culture of beer. With the gradual growth of the company, more and more brands of special beers of excellent quality have appeared. In June 2014, after three years of successful operation, the company evolved into B.PRO Distribucija d.o.o. and established its position as the leading specialized and representative importer and distributer of quality beers in the area of Slovenia and the Balkans in the HORECA sector.


GOOD VISION: because we strive to achieve long term benefits and ambitious results. We act responsibly towards meeting the set objectives and goals. We are passionate about what we do and we appreciate the wide range of excellent products from the diverse breweries and microbreweries from around the world.

PROFESSIONAL STAFF: we employ young, motivated and professionally trained staff who help customers recognize their competitive advantages and help them establish themselves on the market with the offer of specialized beers.

PRODUCTS – specialized beers: our expertise about the brewing industry, as well as sales and distribution enables us to obtain well known global brands of craft breweries which we then launch and establish on the Slovenian market in the same way as they are positioned in the country of their origin. Our knowledge and the nature of our work enable us to be able to also find difficult to access 'raider' products and novelties on the market, the so-called 'new entry' products.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: because we are a representative importer of represented brands. This means that we use official distributing channels to provide exceptional quality for our products from the moment that they leave the brewery to the moment they enter the bar, pub, restaurant or beer shop.

EFFECTIVE DELIVERY: because we are characterized by our professionalism, dynamism, and that’s why our delivery to our customers is always regular, reliable and quick. In the warehouse we have in stock all the products from our regular offer, so that the right quantity is always available for our customers.

SALES SUPPORT: we offer to our clients the knowledge and qualifications from the field of beer culture. The Beer Pro staff regularly educate caterers about the characteristics and specialities of special beers, about the right service and how to make their final consumers aware of beer culture. To achieve a successful business we are daily present in the areas where we identify our customer needs and we help them reach their agreed objectives.

PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT: We provide our clients with POS (point of sale) and promotional material as we place great importance on making people aware of the different brands of special beers.

To be a leading distributer of specialist beers on the Slovenian market means we have a major responsibility towards all our clients. The only results are those that count, and consequently their satisfaction according the results warrants their trust in our company.



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